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Helping Drivers in Lethbridge Keep their Engines in Tip-Top-Shape

Seeing the dreaded “Check Engine” light appear on your dashboard is never good news. If you see any indicators regarding your engine displayed on your car’s dash, come to Westside Automotive Repair Centre without delay. Although this warning light could be signaling something minor, it could also mean that there is something serious going on with your engine. Ignoring the check engine light is not recommended, as delaying maintenance could lead to bigger (more costly) problems and your car breaking down unexpectedly.

To keep your vehicle running smoothly, have your car’s engine and transmission inspected regularly. When you bring your car in for an oil change, our automotive technicians will also visually inspect the belts, fluids, cooling, electrical and exhaust systems.

If you notice the following symptoms, it’s time to have your engine inspected:

Your car won’t start smoothly

Your car is shaking or jerking

You notice hesitating or slipping gears

You hear noises under the car’s hood

You notice you have to get gas or change your oil more often but you haven’t increased your amount of driving
(This could be an indication of transmission problems)

You notice smoke from the exhaust or engine

You notice a “sweet” smell coming from under the hood

At Westside Automotive Repair Centre, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to identify the exact issue with your vehicle. Visit us today for a vehicle inspection, engine repairs, brakes, tires and maintenance service.

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